Hello, I am  Edyta (Edith). A photographer based in Chicago, IL. Born in Poland. 

I graduated in 2017 from New York Institute of Photography. I have to admit that I am proud of myself and very happy. 

I have always had a strong love of photography and always felt I belonged behind the lens.

I'm also a wife and a mum...so I get it how important it is to capture those precious moments, milestones and even mishaps of life - as it all whizzes by too fast!

I love capturing moments that are simple, yet magical. Moments that aren't going to be repeated. 


I photograph the people you love the most and who are most precious to you: family, children, loved ones.

I capture the special events and important moments in your life.

I create memories that last forever.


Feel free to have a look around!  Thanks for visiting!  

Edyta Kielian 



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